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Can not – look for a cheaper accommodation

If you ask the average person: “do you think the rich should pay more tax than the poor?” “Sure, of course, no doubt! immediately he was filled with high civic enthusiasm. – It’s time to get to fork out these money-bags”. And suddenly, “bags” was the most simple man. Not …

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What cars are cheaper to buy abroad

What are used cars cheaper to import from Europe.In Ukraine for more than a month, a reduced excise duty on second hand cars from abroad. Practice has shown that it is possible to save significantly – and we are talking about thousands of euros. Analysts group AUTOconsulting researched on what …

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It is cheaper to die or be cured?

Man is weak! The trouble is not that he is weak physically, just weak to the influence of external suggestion. There were times when I was scared of nuclear threat, they change came the persistent rumors of the upcoming end of the world, which contributed to the behavior of the …

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Clearance of Ukraine – cheaper by the dozen

The renewal of political life leads to absolute loss of sources of income The money from privatization is the last source of income for overly independent and self-reliant Ukraine. Endless financial flows that were supposed to flood the square country, immediately after the establishment of the Pro-European government, which promised …

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“Tickets” into space to orbit cheaper

Wish earlier had the opportunity to use the outdoor space, but now the price of the flight has decreased considerably. The company Virgin Galactic, which is owned by prominent businessman Richard Branson, announced the launch of a budget tourist flights into space. Its services, the company is estimated at 250 …

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