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Scientists have explained why people cheat

Scientists have discovered genes of treachery and betrayal.Leading scientists from the University of Queensland found that the betrayal of a loved one occurs because of genetic mechanisms, while the moral side of a man or woman plays absolutely no role. It is reported that in laboratory tests was attended by …

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Why women cheat: a few main reasons

Many men wonder what exactly motivates a woman’s infidelity. Can sex be casual? Psychologists believe that the true causes of the links on the side should look for in a relationship women have with her husband. Every woman wants to be his wife “the most charming and attractive”, but not …

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How cheaters cheat WhatsApp users

In WhatsApp messenger began to wield the swindlers. If you use WhatsApp, then beware. Attackers have found a new type of fraud. The bottom line is that scammers offer the users of WhatsApp to activate video calling. The link spam posts the user gets to a website with the manual …

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As the Moon physics cheat our

On the moon there are other physical laws? It seems that on the moon, for unknown reasons, apply the laws of physics, is not the same as on Earth. “Academic” fellowship tries to gloss over it. And the infamous Amer, claiming that they were on the moon, hard suck… How …

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