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ATU in Germany: arrested 13 refugees from Chechnya

The raids took place in 12 homes and hostels for refugees and asylum seekers. In Germany on the morning of Tuesday, October 25, hosted a large-scale anti-terrorist operation: heavily armed police officers raided 12 locations across the country. The German authorities claim that the aim of the operation was to …

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Crimea and Chechnya survives on donations

Budget constraints of the Ministry of Finance, which he introduced for highly subsidized regions, did not work, found by the chamber. The state apparatus continue to swell, their incomes decline several times faster than costs, and more than 77% depend on income from other budgets. The dependence at 77 percent …

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Independent journalist sentenced to 3 years in prison in Chechnya

Jaloudi of Guriev systematically published papers on the violation of human rights. Court in Chechnya sentenced to three years imprisonment of independent journalist, Jaloudi Gerieva on charges of drug possession. This was announced on 7 September, the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch. 23-year-old Guryev collaborated with the Internet …

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Chinese special forces are trained in Chechnya

Assistant of the head of Chechnya on security Daniil Martynov reports that interest in the special training of security forces on the territory of spetstsentr in the Czech Republic show several countries. Among them – Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and people’s Republic of China. According to Martynov, in …

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Chechnya and human rights

The fact that we are still mistaken for incompetence or chronic ignorance, is just a new form of diplomatic Protocol. You know, as diplomats like: if they are after intense negotiations reported that the sides exchanged opinions on a wide range of issues – this means that they no shit …

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The iron grip of Kadyrov in Chechnya

As can be seen in the hastily made picture of a Russian journalist, the road to the village blocked by enemy armor. 14 may-1 500 local residents live under close supervision, because one of them dared to complain about the corruption of the authorities. First time in the history of …

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