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Japanese engineers have created self-assembling a Rubik’s cube

Enthusiast from Japan, has created a Rubik’s cube, which is able to collect all faces of the same color with integrated motors and sensors. A video showing the work of self-assembling cube was published on YouTube, and the drawings and photos are available on the DDM website.make. New development based …

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China has created a singing road

The road takes anthem Ode to the Motherland.In Beijing conducted a test check on the singing highway. In the pavement made of different levels of grooves which, when the friction sound, folding in the melody, according to PDChina. Thus, the road operates as a turntable in which the bus — …

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The Russians created a Golden “trumpion”

On the rear panel of the smartphone depicts the etching of the newly elected President of the United States.Russian company specializing on the processing of smartphones, in honor of the election of Donald trump to the President of the United States released a iPhone 7 party Supremo Trump Changeover with …

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