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Fallout 4 has discovered an unknown content

Bethesda is developing a new addition, which will add the ability to travel under water. Fans of Fallout 4 found in the game unknown set of content. Find called Terrapin, under the assumptions of gamers will send the characters of the game in the underwater world. In December of last …

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Scientists have discovered an unusual galaxy

Galaxy UGC 3672 consists of dwarf galaxies. Russian-Indian group of scientists found that the galaxy UGC 3672 actually consists of dwarf galaxies. The results of his astronomical research they published in the edition of Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Experts in the field of astrophysics of Pune, the …

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In the Telegram discovered the first virus

The program uses a cipher Telegram to communicate with the attackers. Kaspersky lab discovered the first program-cipher, using the popular Telegram messenger to communicate with the attackers, described on the company website. The malware encrypts text and image user files and demands money for the key to the cipher. The …

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In the Caucasus, discovered a rare mosquito-mutants

The Caucasus is a relatively isolated region from the point of view of ecology. Larvae of chironomids (of chironomid midges) Glyptotendipes salinus found in the waters of lake Tambukan in the foothills of the Caucasus, differ from all other insects of this kind of chromosomal rearrangements. It is found by …

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Zoologists have discovered in Africa, three new species of birds

It’s possible, researchers will soon find other new species. In Africa, found three new species of birds. The authors of the opening were American zoologists. The result of the scientific work the researchers presented in the relevant publication of Systematics and Biodiversity. A group of American scientists headed by Professor …

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