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The scandal Dubinsky ridiculed fotozhabu

Picture shared Alex golobutsky. The network has a good laugh in the wealth of the people’s Deputy from the presidential faction “servant of the people,” Alexander Dubinsky. Picture published by political analyst Alexei holomuzki on his page in Facebook. In the Internet posted a shot from the Soviet film “Ivan …

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The automaker Volkswagen was in the center of a scandal

Volkswagen has to pay $14.7 billion fine. U.S. judge Charles Breer on Tuesday, 25 October, adopted a decision on the dispute between German auto giant Volkswagen, American officials and representatives of consumers. In accordance with this decision, Volkswagen will be a $14.7 billion fine. Most of this amount ($10 billion) …

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Sex scandal with trump: sponsors are required to return the funds

Sponsors disappointed candidates in US presidents. Two sponsors who have given tens of thousands of dollars for the election campaign of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party of Donald trump demanding the return of their money back. “I can’t Express my disappointment with the recent events surrounding Mr. …

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