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To scare and kill

<tbody> </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> Vitaly Portnikov the only trump card of Putin. Why Putin rattles the saber near our borders? Why are satisfied with all these endless exercises? Why acts with provocative statements? The thirst for war? Insanity? Irritation due to the fact that Ukraine and the civilized …

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Scare Stockholm “Russian submarine” was a Swedish ship

Hunting Swedish media on the “Russian submarine”, which in 2014 was allegedly spotted in the waters of the Stockholm archipelago, finally brought results. However, not the ones expected by the Swedes. As reported on Sunday by the Swedish radio “Sveriges Radio”, it was found that the beeping sound that indicated …

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The U.S. military continues to scare Europe Russia

Remember, in Soviet times, all the eminent Western politicians in one voice insisted that NATO required to protect Europe from the Soviet Union. Logically, after the collapse of the country of Soviets was abolished and the Alliance. Because the meaning of his existence already anyway. But there it was. Savvy …

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These unusual monuments may scare. Photo

They cause a lot of questions. Unfortunately, many of the famous monuments up close look not so impressive. Moreover, they can even appear quite intimidating and scary. Not surprisingly, many of them even came under heavy criticism for its appearance. Suggest you learn what the monuments are not so beautiful …

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