Tuesday , May 17 2022
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Scientists told about the new dangers of eating sweets

Drinking large amount of sugar in a short time can cause inflammation of the intestines. Scientists from the University of Alberta has declared that eating large amounts of sugar in a short time increases the risk of development of intestinal inflammation and has a negative impact on health overall, reports …

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Scientists have found new information about Mars

Scientists using meteorites to know the details of the drought on Mars The Rover Opportunity found on Mars a few meteorites that helped the researchers determine how fast the planet lost water and when it appeared the eternal drought. Four meteorite was discovered near the equator of the red planet. …

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Scientists made a sensational statement about the Bible

Archaeologists have confirmed that the Bible is not fiction.Archaeologists have found evidence that the Bible tells the real history, not fiction. To such conclusions scientists came after was discovered Sodom and Gomorrah on the southwest coast of the Dead sea that corresponds to the data of the sacred text. In …

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