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Unusual sculptures of animals from garbage and trash. Photo

Arthur creates three-dimensional animals out of garbage and old junk people throw away. Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo (Artur Bordalo) creates sculptures with which he wants to draw public attention to environmental pollution. Arthur creates three-dimensional animals out of garbage and old junk people throw away. His works can be …

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How out of the ordinary toys do these sculptures. Photo

Incredible sculptures from children’s dolls and toys. The Australian Freya Jobbins has passed a thorny career path: she was a police officer, but eventually realized that this work does not bring her no joy. In 2004, Freya enrolled in courses of sculpture. This choice opened up new horizons and subsequently …

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Google Earth helped to find ancient sculptures

Modern technologies still bring more benefit than harm. In the UK scientist Richard Darlow using Google Earth accidentally discovered a huge ancient sculpture, which according to the researcher at least 3,000 years. This news has been spread by Western and local media. The researchers found more than 40 news portals …

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Stunning sculptures from scrap metal. Photo

German artist creates interesting sculptures out of old junk. German artist Martin Genesove creates miniature models of antique cars, but in a special way. Instead of chrome bumpers, shiny glass, lacquered surface of the body Martin uses junk from the garbage, rusted metal and plastic many years ago. All in …

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Strange sculptures devoted to celebrities. Photo

They are quite unusual.In order for you a monument, not necessarily to save the world, to create a masterpiece or invent something extremely important for humanity. So, a celebrity can count on their part of the “afterlife” of fame. Some even establish a monument in life. You can learn about …

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