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Diet for those who have a seasonal exacerbation of gastritis

Named products that are allowed to eat during a flare-up of gastritis. Usually seasonal exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease falls in early spring or autumn, but some patients complain that they ache stomach just at the beginning of the summer. Only vegetable on the shelves of stores have …

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5 must-have seasonal wardrobe

Spring is the time of renewal in every sense. So it’s time to look into your closets and get rid of old jackets, coats, sweaters, faded and not fresh blouses. Actress Field Polyakova, who watches the news, chose five things spring wardrobe and advise on what to pay attention to …

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Seasonal shopping with a stylist

From the view out the window no longer keeps the teeth, which means it’s time to think a little about what we will wear when it is warmer. Options, as always, a great many, and if you have already discussed your wardrobe, applied the principle of the three piles, we …

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