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Appointed the new UN Secretary General

The new UN Secretary General appointed by the Portuguese antónio Guterres.Thursday, October 13, the new UN Secretary-General officially appointed former Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Guterres. A resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly. Reportedly, Guterres was appointed the administrative head of the United Nations “for a term beginning January …

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Became known date of the appointment of the UN Secretary General

Officially, the UN security Council has put forward former Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Guterres, a single candidate for the post of General Secretary. New UN Secretary General will be appointed on October 13. This is stated in a letter to General Assembly President Peter Thomson, sent to the Embassy. …

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The UN named favourite for the post of Secretary General

The official vote will take place on the morning of 6 October.Former Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Guterres, chosen as the new Secretary General of the UN, reports Reuters, citing diplomats. According to the Agency, none of the five countries with veto power in the UN security Council, voted against …

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The U.S. Secretary of defense raises nuclear stakes

  It’s not even nonsense, and not Orwell, that’s a whole other planet. Get the strong feeling the beginning of training information to the incident with a nuclear weapon.   The Pentagon believes the most likely possibility is a large-scale nuclear war, and the use of Russian or DPRK’s small …

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