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Scientists have proven that selfies make people happy

Scientists say that the photography itself makes the person positive emotions. Selfies make people more happy and not alone. This was told by scientists from the University of California, Irvine. For information on the impact of the selfie on the people who make them, scientists had to conduct some research. …

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Doctors told about the dangers of selfies at the gym

People who like to post photos of their workouts, have certain psychological problems. This convinced scientists from Brunel University London who collected data from 555 users of Facebook who were exposed selfie with gyms. According to scientists, a “typical narcissism.Each participant was asked to complete an online survey that measured …

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Britney Spears surprised selfies

For 14 hours, the photo gained 130 thousand likes.American singer Britney Spears has revealed a selfie in which she’s posing with “duck face”. The she has published in Instagram. I can feel it… I just have a great day at the Desk, – she wrote. For 14 hours, the photo …

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A selection of selfies from this extreme. Photo

They experienced a storm of emotions. A regular selfie is no surprise… everyone has a smartphone with a quality “frontalka”, which allows you to shoot yourself always and everywhere. But these guys don’t need a banal bath-bow, lift bow, face closeup, etc.. They need exclusive is filled with recklessness and …

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How selfies affect mental health

Develop a regular selfie narcissism.Canadian scientists have found that the result of the regular selfie in a person’s self-perception is distorted and appears narcissism. How to tell the psychologists, to date, a selfie is a normal phenomenon, but excessive enthusiasm can lead to the development of narcissism and the emergence …

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