Anonymous social media bot could turn into ISIS threat

  • October 29, 2021

The Anonymous social networking bot could become the ISIS threat, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom examined the bot’s intelligence, social media and internet history.

They concluded the bot could be an agent of ISIS, even if the bot itself has not been created or is not a threat.

“The bot could act as an agent for ISIS in its cyberwarfare capacity,” the study said.

“The fact that it has not actually been created is probably not of great significance.”

The study said the bot was created and maintained by someone claiming to be a member of the group, and had been active in a number of online communities.

The study found that the bot had been used to attack and threaten websites, while also trying to recruit other users to the group.

The study found the bot and its owner could be a potential threat to governments, and suggested the bot may have been used for terrorist purposes.

Researchers also said the Bot was able to manipulate social media by making users believe it was using their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest accounts to comment.

“It can act as a communication tool between the bot operator and the user, or as a form of manipulation of the user’s actions and social interactions,” the researchers wrote.

“It could be used to control the user through the manipulation of his/her actions, or by creating and managing a user-generated account.”

The researchers said the ISIS bot’s activity was mostly focused on the Internet, with the group also looking at other areas, including social media sites, video games, and the messaging app WhatsApp.


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