Netflix streaming service is the first to let you stream videos online with ‘boo’ emoticons

  • July 9, 2021

Netflix is bringing the internet to your bedroom with the launch of the Boo emoji, which can be used to mean “buzz” or “boo”.

The app is available now in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand and will be available for free across all platforms for the next few months.

The Boo emoticon, which is part of Netflix’s popular “Netflix Boo” emoji, was originally introduced in 2012 as a way to bring social media interaction to the internet.

It was initially designed to help users who are bored of the more static, monotonous emoji, but the “boom” emoticon has been used to bring a bit of sparkle and fun to Twitter and other social media platforms, too.

Boo was designed as an emoticon for the first time, and now it’s used in a variety of ways.

The Boos are currently only available for download on Netflix in the US, but a UK app will soon launch for those in the country.

Users can also now use the Boos to tell friends and family if they’ve got any Boos.

The Boos can be triggered by saying “boos”, or a variation of the emoticon with a “bo” sound, to signify excitement.

Users can also say “booo”, which is the same sound as when the boos are triggered, or simply say “fro” for a playful wave.

The “boooo” emoticons can be seen in the background of the screen when the screen is off or when the device is locked.

Netflix’s Boo emojis are a mix of two of the company’s other emoticons: the Boomerang and Boomerator.

The company has also added a Boos-inspired “boo” to the Boombox and Boombax, but users can use the new Boos emoji to indicate excitement too.

Users can use Boo in the Booomerang and the BoomBoomerator emojibes, which are part of the app’s main Boo feature.

The app also offers a Boo-themed music playlist for when you’re feeling bored.

There are some other interesting uses of Boo that aren’t related to the emoji itself.

Boos and boos can also be used in the context of the word “booom” in a sentence, and people who have a “boon” on their phone can say “boom”, “bout”, or “bom” to indicate their excitement.

The word “bounce” can also trigger Boos in the right context.

There’s also a Boob emoticon in the main Booom feature, and the emoji can also appear in the “laser” mode, where you can see how much energy is left in your battery when the phone is plugged in.

There’s also an emoji of a balloon, which sounds like a small balloon.

Netflix says the Boojas are available to purchase in the app.

Image credit: Netflix


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