When the World’s First Digital Social Media Platforms Are Here

  • September 28, 2021

Now, the biggest digital platforms are all going to get social media features in the next version of the Xbox.

Microsoft announced today that all its Xbox apps will get new features and a new social media tool kit.

Microsoft’s Social Media SDK is the company’s way of introducing new features to its social media platforms, such as the ability to connect with your fans in real time, which can be particularly useful in the game-based social media landscape.

You can get a sneak peek at the SDK in our review of the Microsoft OneGuide app.

Microsoft also said that all of its Xbox Live social media apps will receive new features, including the ability for players to post their gameplay videos and images on the platform.

“Xbox Live has always been a place where players can connect with their favorite gamers and we want to bring more players together in the virtual world to share experiences and share content with one another,” Microsoft wrote in the announcement.

“With our latest social media SDK, we are adding new features like sharing photos and gameplay videos with fans, allowing them to share and comment on gameplay videos as they play them, and giving gamers more ways to interact with the Xbox community.”

All Xbox Live apps are set to get new social features in version 2.0, but only the new Xbox One app will get a social media feature.

Microsoft says that this new feature will be useful for users who play games online, but also for people who do not play games on Xbox Live, as well as those who want to engage with their fans in person.

The Xbox One will also get a new photo viewer that will let users take a screenshot of their favorite games on the Xbox One, and also make the process of sharing photos easier.

Microsoft is also working on a new game dashboard app, called Xbox Games, which will allow users to see all of the games on their Xbox One and to search for them.

Microsoft said that the Xbox Games app will also be able to take screenshots of games, allowing users to take a look at the game, and even share them with friends.

“We have seen a lot of amazing ideas come out of the social gaming world,” Microsoft said.

“It’s time for the Xbox Live community to take advantage of them.”

Microsoft also announced that it will be adding Xbox Music, a digital music service that will allow people to play songs and listen to podcasts on their own devices.

Microsoft previously announced plans to introduce an Xbox Music streaming service in 2016, but it has not been released yet.

Microsoft will begin rolling out the Xbox Music service on Xbox One in July, with the first Xbox Music subscribers on June 3.

The new Xbox Music features include: • A music player that lets you play music directly from the Xbox’s music library • A library of more than 100,000 curated music songs from artists including Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Justin Timberlake • Music that will be played on the TV and Movies channels on Xbox 360 with the option to stream it on your PC • A curated library of songs, including music that is available in multiple languages.

Xbox Music is free, but users can purchase subscriptions at a cost of $15 per month, $25 per year, or $35 per year.

Microsoft has also announced plans for an Xbox app that will give users a chance to see games that are being played on Xbox, and it is also making plans to add Xbox Music to the Xbox Store.

Microsoft, like all of Microsoft’s mobile and cloud-based services, will be launching its mobile app on the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft told the audience at its Build conference this morning that it has a team of over 10 developers working on the new Microsoft One app, which Microsoft says will be available for download on July 15.

Microsoft hasn’t released any details about when it will make the app available, but a Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview is currently available on the Creators update.


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