Social media tools for journalists to avoid becoming a victim of online bullying

  • July 29, 2021

A social media tool to avoid being a victim or victimizing another is now available to journalists, according to the Associated Press.

The AP found a Facebook group called The Social Media Handbook which aims to help journalists avoid becoming targets of hate speech or abuse.

The group has already been used by the AP to track down journalists who have been falsely accused of crimes.

“The Handbook is an online resource to help protect your privacy online,” said Emily Harker, an AP journalism and public affairs reporter who helped develop the tool.

“If you think you may have been a victim, or have experienced a harassment or online abuse that you don’t want your friends or colleagues to know about, the Handbook is the place to go.”

Harking added that while some journalists have been “hacked” or otherwise threatened online, the group is designed to help “ensure that you can remain confident in your ability to protect your personal information and privacy online.”

Harker told the AP that the Facebook group has since grown and has more than 1,200 members, but she hopes that the tool will help increase awareness of its use.

“When I started this project, I knew there was a lot of misinformation and misinformation on the internet about how people are perceived online,” she said.

“This tool will allow us to be more transparent about who we are and who we support, and who is using our information.”

The tool is available to anyone who wants to join the Facebook community.

Anyone can create a page on the site, which will then automatically post messages on behalf of the person they are posting from.

The messages are intended to be neutral, but include links to relevant articles or resources.

A spokesperson for the AP said the group has not yet received any official threats, but that it’s “not a place where you can harass or threaten someone.””

Our purpose is to empower journalists to be better advocates for each other online and beyond.”

A spokesperson for the AP said the group has not yet received any official threats, but that it’s “not a place where you can harass or threaten someone.”

Hacking is one of the top causes of social media harassment and abuse, according a report by the U.S. National Coalition Against Cyberharassment.

A survey of 5,000 Americans in October found that 40 percent of respondents said they had been harassed online.


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