Vice News: How to Stop the ‘Fake News’ Trend

  • July 23, 2021

Vice News is reporting that “Fake news” is now “a primary narrative for most Americans,” and that “millions of people are losing faith in their news media.”

The Vice News article explains that “the news is not a story anymore.”

“A new digital reality that has emerged in the last two years, where the news is no longer a story, and where the ‘fake news’ narrative has become a central theme of American life, has become the dominant narrative in American life,” Vice President for Digital Innovation, Nick DeLeon said in a blog post.

“We’re seeing this through the news, online, and in real-time in social media.

And this narrative is impacting our daily lives.”

Here are five reasons why “fake news” could be bad for America: 1.

It is now the “main narrative” of American society: “Fake News” is becoming the “dominant narrative of American American life” because it is “the most widely used form of political discourse,” Vice News reports.

The report explains that people are now “discovering the importance of the news they consume, the quality of the information they’re exposed to, and how it influences their beliefs.”

“They’re realizing that a narrative has value, even if it is not factual,” the report states.


“Fake” news is now being used as “a key driver of online discourse” by American citizens: “The use of fake news on social media has become commonplace, and has become part of the core nature of our daily life,” the Vice News report states, adding that the “fake” news narrative “is a driver of political commentary, political action, and the public’s perception of what is and isn’t true.”


Fake news can be “a catalyst for online discourse,” including the use of the “FakeNews” hashtag on social networks: “A key driver is that ‘fake’ news is being used to drive discourse on a range of topics.

The most prevalent use of ‘fake,’ as defined by Vice News, is on Facebook and Twitter, which have become increasingly engaged in the social-media-driven online discourse.

Fake stories have been used to target the progressive media, such as Breitbart, CNN, and The Hill, as well as conservative outlets such as Infowars, and on political candidates including Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders.”


“False and misleading” and “fake facts” are being “weaponized” to influence public opinion: “In the last year, ‘fake facts’ and ‘false news’ have become the most common forms of political disinformation.

A new social-science analysis suggests that ‘FakeNews’ has become one of the most prevalent forms of disinformation, which is driving a new era of disinformation online.”


Fake “fake,” “false and misleading,” and “false facts” can be used as a “tool for political propaganda”: “The news is ‘fake,'” Vice News writes, citing a new study that found that “false or misleading information on social platforms is becoming a tool for political messaging, even though the content is not factually accurate.”

In other words, fake news is “part of a larger, far-reaching disinformation campaign that is shaping our daily conversations, our politics, and our world.”

How does fake news influence American politics?

In Vice News’ article, the report points out that “fake stories” can lead to “distorted thinking” and make “politicians and pundits seem more credible, credible leaders, more likely to be trusted, and more likely not to be called out for lying or misleading.”

And “fake information” is used to “sow discord” and divide the country, leading to the “toxic climate of distrust and division.”

For example, “fake content can influence the public perception of issues such as immigration and race relations,” Vice notes.

The study also states that “a ‘fake story’ is ‘part of the fabric of American politics’ and is used ‘in the public arena as a weapon against the progressive left and the establishment.”

What can you do to stop the fake news epidemic?

“The only way to stop fake news and fake news-driven discourse is to take action,” Vice writes, and to “disclose the sources of fake and false information.”

Here is how you can do this: 1: Call out fake news.

“You can call out fake information or fake sources on social networking platforms,” Vice says.

The company recommends that you “ask people who have shared your content and share it with others.”

2: Follow up on the “real news” and the “false news” story with your own.

“For example, you can tell your friends and family that you are concerned that their stories are being shared, and that you believe it is important to share,” Vice advises.

“It can also be a powerful way to keep your community informed and your news organization accountable.”

3: Make sure you use a disclaimer to your


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