How to spot fake news on Facebook

  • October 7, 2021

Fox News is reporting that the US is now at the point where the government has begun using Facebook to block fake news stories from appearing on the social network.

The news comes after a report by the Washington Post and others said Facebook is now taking measures to shut down fake news outlets.

“We’re seeing more and more government departments, the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies, are using Facebook as a means of shutting down and banning content that violates their regulations,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The FBI recently told Congress that it is actively using Facebook in this way to block hate speech and propaganda.”

The news is also the latest twist in a long-running dispute over whether the government is targeting the web’s most popular social network for disinformation.

The US has long argued that Facebook should be allowed to operate without restrictions and that the internet is free for expression, even if the company does not always follow the rules.

“Facebook is free to create whatever content they want, and that is their right,” Facebook’s general counsel Mark Zuckerberg told the Senate Judiciary Committee in March.

“But it does not give them the right to censor other people’s speech or to block others’ speech.”

Facebook is currently a battleground between the US and European countries over whether it should be regulated or not.

European countries are demanding that the company remove content they believe could promote extremism, while US companies argue that the social media platform should be subject to more oversight.

However, Facebook has insisted that it has a right to operate as it pleases.

“Our goal is to make sure that people who want to share our content can do so and to help ensure that we provide a safe and secure platform for people to share their content,” Zuckerberg told lawmakers in March when he announced the plan to regulate the social networking giant.

However, the question is whether we should regulate it in the way that we want, which is to allow people to express themselves and make sure it’s not being used to help create a hostile environment for other people.”


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