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Scientists want to make the display of threads

Scientists claim they can create a display of thread. According to “Xinhua”, the project was called “low Tide” (Ebb) because, according to the developers, the technology “is more like sea tides than the output images to currently existing displays”. The technology – conductive thread coated with thermochromic paint. This paint …

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In Poland, the OUN-UPA want to be accused of genocide

Polish authorities want to recognize OUN-UPA guilty of genocide of poles. In the Polish Sejm has registered a bill according to which proposed to establish July 11 as Day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide that was committed by OUN-UPA on the Eastern fringes of the II Rzeczpospolita. …

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These parks want to walk all his life. Photo

Not many of us are lucky enough to have in your city really cool urban garden or Park. Dekatop offers options of where to escape the inhabitants of megacities from the concrete jungle, breathe in fresh clean air instead of the fumes of asphalt and smog. This is what our …

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Again, I want USA to the moon

This will allow us to develop technologies for future travel to Mars. The house of representatives of the United States Congress advised NASA to forget about the mission to capture an asteroid and return to manned flights to the moon. This decision was taken during consideration of the budget for …

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Want to die? Ask me how!

Today is the first day of summer and the CPS “delighted” by the St. Petersburg news that we are officially allowed to bathe only in one pond. Without exception, water bodies, located in the city literally teeming with pathogens of intestinal diseases, viruses hepatitis A and parasites. As always, before …

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In Ukraine, want to toughen punishment for drunk driving

Pleased to increase the penalties for drunk driving.The Verkhovna Rada intends to strengthen the responsibility for management of vehicles in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication, and under the influence of medicines, reducing their attention and speed of reaction. The corresponding bill No. 4373 in the first reading …

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