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Between two worlds: 12 unique polupodvizhnym photos. Photo

According to the author of these unusual images, the attraction to water he had, as long as he remembered. This amazing series of photographs called “Over/Under” (Over/Under). Its author, photographer Matthew Smith, an Englishman, who, because of their compulsion to the ocean in 2007 he moved to live in Australia. …

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Mythical roads leading to other worlds. Photo

In the other world claim to believe in almost all religions. Hades, Naraka, hell — the name of the other world changes from religion to religion, but the meaning remains the same. Every religious practice has its own notion of the place where the soul is sent to the wicked …

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Parallel worlds

With the onset of the September all over again twirled, spun, ran… Caught myself thinking that with the beginning of autumn, something changed. People have become very often “shoot” to smoke (usual for me this addiction). Moreover, if the earlier “arrows” were either alcoholics or students, but now it is …

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Black holes have exits into other worlds, scientists

Black holes are double sided and can have not only input but also output.Black holes can be double sided and have the outputs. This was reported by scientists from the University of California and the Institute of astrophysics in West Virginia. Experts note that the number of information about black …

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The world’s oil giants are selling the refinery

World oil giants — Chevron Corp American. and British-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell Plc put up for auction a small oil refinery, trying to cut low-profit assets in the background of the constraints resulting from the growth of prices on black gold. Chevron, the second-largest oil company, is looking for buyers …

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