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If the election something goes wrong, America can attack Russia

After a series of successful cyber attacks Russian hackers, the Americans are preparing to strike back. NBC announced that the American military hackers penetrated into the energy system of Russia, telecommunication network and “command” of the Kremlin, citing a senior official in the U.S. intelligence and secret documents. The channel …

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Wrong Putin’s dogs

The argument between Mr Putin with Polygraph Polygraphovich The past week saw a lively correspondence of characters who in real life rarely communicate with each other: it was attended by Directors, the bikers and the press Secretary of the Russian President. Don’t know about you, but I have this correspondence …

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Paparazzi “caught” Vera Brezhnev at the wrong time

Fans have compared Faith with actress Blake lively. Singer Vera Brezhneva has pleased fans on the page in Instagram sexy way. The singer admitted that she was suddenly caught by a photographer. Faith could not hide his surprise. In the photo of Leonid Brezhnev posing in a brilliant outfit through …

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Iran and sanctions: what’s wrong?

Iran’s road to liberation from the sanctions after the decision of the problems with the Iranian nuclear program (INP) was long and arduous. It would seem that after reaching the known arrangement of six world powers with Tehran on July 14, 2015 all had to go like clockwork. Indeed, at …

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The famous image of the evolution of man done wrong

Experts came to the conclusion that the picture of human evolution is performed in the reverse order. The first primates standing at the beginning of evolution had a structure quite different from earlier images. It is noteworthy that the species living on Earth over 3 million years ago, had more …

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What’s wrong in political elections?

Voters in political elections are often compared to a shareholders meeting of the JSC. But this is the wrong comparison. I found seven differences between shareholders and voters: As you can see, Russian is not stock. And not only Russia. Every modern state is on stock. Something needs to change …

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