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How to help yourself when sinusitis – home ways

To improve their condition in the sinus can be at home, using the most effective methods of treatment and prevention. Sinusitis in medicine is not called a disease because it is a consequence of the running of sinusitis when there is inflammation in the maxillary sinus of the nose. So …

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How to protect yourself from pneumonia

How dangerous is this disease? Have pneumonia “classic” history of the development of the disease: cold, treated, and was on the mend, but… returned fever, cough, shortness of breath appeared. It is very important not to miss the beginning of the development of the disease and to diagnose the disease. …

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Autumn season: how to protect yourself from cold and flu

With the onset of autumn and the cold snap instantly increases the number of patients with colds. Cold at home used to call all acute respiratory illness. To protect yourself from these diseases, doctors advise to observe some simple guidelines. Cold, disease and cold – hypothermia Cold can be the …

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