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“The ark” after the death of “Titanic” is very useful

«Ковчег» после гибели «Титаника» очень пригодится

Editorial assignment at this time was seemingly not associated with an international theme, however, when people begin to talk about money, more “human values” and to invent difficult…

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has held session of the Interregional banking Council under the Federation Council. Topic: “Combating unfair practices of conduct in the banking sector: improvement of normative-legal regulation of activity of Bank of Russia and subjects of the financial market”.

Given the fact that we know firsthand how “funneling in foreign lands native Russian wealth”, the issue of financial security is becoming a cornerstone to build a new style of the Russian financial system in terms of roll on global Finance “ninth shaft” of the crisis.

Propagandists from the West and from the East, – smooth out the corners. But, professionals know. In the course of.

We already wrote about the fact that “the rules of global Finance” are different in that their on-the-go changing themselves masters of the world financial system, which came Russia after 1991.

They, the Owners, these rules have created these rules for myself and change “as the play progresses”. And we have, for decades, were forced to play:

against them someone else’s team,
– for them, a foreign field,
if, someone else’s judge,
and despite the fact that the owner of the game – “Master of the game” – and even changing during the rules in their favor…
And now, it seems, the process – from our side – walk.

Russia, quietly and persistently, leads work to create the conditions, if you will, the survival of domestic Finance, at that time, when the world financial system, where are we in the early 1990-ies, starts to give signals that are different than “SOS”, it is difficult to perceive.

This was plagued with problems and debts “Titanic” soon, it seems, will find same your iceberg. And all that does not sink, you will have to land on ice…!

And You weren’t surprised that Oscar gave, finally, this young man who played the main character of the film “Titanic“, Leonardo Di Caprio? It’s time to be surprised at such marks… 20 years “overlook”, and today, you know, acknowledged.

So now the story about the Titanic, it seems, becomes relevant.

And it is time to think what to do, when is the machine of immediately getting on icy mountain?

And no need to wait – there, on the ice, someone will come, will charge the iceberg and carefully deliver to the mainland. We should not expect “miraculous salvation” comes up in the world of business and Finance the … who comes up. “I’m sorry, Sam, but Bolivar cannot carry double” – remember O Henry?..

But in this situation it is very useful to have their own boats needed to “reach their native shores”.

Therefore, one urgent task is the construction of this, if you want “the Ark”, which is simply dangerous to take those who “have not justified high trust.”

This conversation took place.

Valentina Matvienko, opening the meeting, which was attended by the legislators, and representatives of financial authorities, and employees of the Russian banking system, first noted that the Russian economy continues to impact a number of negative factors. “In these conditions the state maintaining the reliability of the financial-credit system. Therefore, among the first adopted anti – crisis measures was to support the banking system and the allocation of banks is quite a lot of money in the framework of the program of recapitalization”.

But! Often the allocated funds are not used effectively from the point of view of economic development and lending to the real sector. And “some banks” so they are not different honesty. “It is therefore important that the Agency for Deposit insurance, the Central Bank ensured control over the implementation of the commitments made by the banks when receiving public funds. It is necessary to take measures to increase the transparency of banking activities, the removal of barriers that impede banks to operate normally”.

The Chairman of the Federation Council noted that over the past two years, the Bank of Russia carries out work on the closure of troubled banks, in fact, actively eliminates the problems accumulated in the previous period. “The analysis shows that, approximately, in 80% cases of Bank failures are of a criminal character associated with the withdrawal of assets, including abroad“.

Note that the “London issuing no.” That is, when the flow of Russian money in British financial institutions, there see the documents from Russian law enforcement, to return to Russia and bred them illegal means, and, in fact, the “heroes” of these operations, no hurry.

Matvienko has reminded that the State Duma is a bill that expands the list of persons responsible for monitoring and accurate reflection of risks in the financial statements: “However, not only the withdrawal of assets and their replacement with lower cost, not even leading up to the bankruptcy of the Bank, should become the subject of criminal proceedings“. But how else?

That’s the level of leadership of the country came the question that Valentina Matviyenko formulated extremely tough. According to her, mass bankruptcy of the credit organizations opened up another thorny issue – a large-scale falsification of audit reports: “If the auditors did not cover the MIS-reporting of their clients, such a high level of crime would be impossible.”

Valentina Matvienko drew attention to the activities of credit rating agencies, the quality of the work which may affect the decision of participation of a Bank in projects with large-scale public funding. While on this rating – the market prevail, the aliens, who call the shots. And I also conduct the process in their own interests. They have objectivity – where is she?

“It is necessary that as quickly as possible start to work with already established national “Analytical credit rating Agency” (ACRE), which will become a real tool for assessing the condition of banks.

It is important that ACRA rated not only banks, but also the subjects of the Russian Federation”, – said Valentina Matvienko.

The national audit office through the ACRES? Why not? After all, it’s a Western: “monitoring by an independent Agency…”

Let’s add here that the ratings from the “Troika” of the leading international organizations, not by the night will be commemorated, recently came under criticism from Russia and China.

These agencies, which is part of the largest banking consortiums in the USA and the UK, just “earning my keep at the designated area”. Don’t believe? So they now support, for example, the ratings of some falling economies at a decent level. And – in retaliation – ratings of the Russian Federation and China press “on the floor”. The politicking, you know…

And this “overexposure” that is still softly told, has prompted China and Russia to establish their own ranking structure, not dependent – independent! – from the policy of the largest banks in Western civilization. In China it is “China Credit Rating Co.” (CCRC), in Russia, this – ACRE.

Yes. And not long ago, the Chinese rating Agency “Dagong Global Credit,” American “Egan-Jones Ratings” and Russian “Rus-Rating” has founded joint project of “Universal Credit Rating Group”, which aims to inform investors on the structure that is independent from Western banks.

It seems that it is already a challenge. Or application on reforming the global rating system?

Yes, such innovations in the face of new structures, the BRICS is a real application to participate in the formation of future credit flows (what are all these rating Agency and created) is already away from an increasingly unreliable and problematic financial structures of the West, are overloaded with derivatives and non-refundable debts… “the Sun rises in the East!”

Now a few words about the discussion.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets Nikolay Zhuravlev has proposed to tighten the law on criminal liability of management and shareholders “for the withdrawal of assets abroad” or the substitution of other assets, with obviously lower cost: “it is Necessary legislatively to equate such transactions to the money laundering and financing of terrorism“.

Again: “to Equate such transactions to the money laundering and terrorism financing“. Clearly you could not tell!

It seems that the state goes to the offensive at the right hour after passing into the abyss “Titanic” – your “Ark” was at hand. Without holes and… no strangers on Board.

Nikolay Zhuravlev stressed that it is necessary in the shortest possible time to adopt the law on credit organizations committed to the placement of funds of state and municipal unitary enterprises and other companies with state participation.

We are talking about what the state is willing to invest in the country’s economy – but it must be sure that the designated bankers will not disappear with public money in London, where “nothing”: “the Tightening of regulation should occur in the areas related to the withdrawal of assets…”

How was “the Bible”: “First was the word.”

Today the word was announced.

First Deputy Central Bank Chairman Alexei Simanovsky told about Ministry’s plans to reform banking supervision and focus on risk assessment in credit institutions to make better, more effective decisions on banking supervision. In other words, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation supported the turn to new rating structures. Apparently, even the Central Bank has any question about the adequacy of assessments and ratings of the Western “three” – Fitch, Moody’s and Standard&poor’s (S&P).

The conversation was very professional, with many details, interesting for those who are inside the system.

However, overshadowing a considerable number of topics that concern not only the Finance but also the international aspects of this subject (and what to do – “Globalization, sir!”) at the end of the report, we present another opinion. The views expressed in this debate from the government organizations, on the shoulders which fall – to the benefit of all defrauded investors, is the return people the money that they stole, in particular, “London refugees”.

The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) supports the recovery from the owners of banks assets by their location, required the Deputy General Director of DIA Andrey Melnikov: “In foreign jurisdictions, particularly in England and in France, there is a special legal mechanism of the so-called lifting of the corporate veil… as far As we know, the Investigation Committee such proposals are formed. We support them”.

So, in a fighting, it is discussion.

Will wait for news from “Titanic”…

Sergey Filatov

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