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The Central Bank noted a fivefold increase in the fee for cash

 В ЦБ отметили пятикратный рост комиссии за обналичивание денег

The Commission for illegal cashing in of money in Russia has increased from 2-3% to 15% of the amount. This was stated to journalists by the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin. According to him, cash now becoming a commodity.

According to estimates of the Central Bank, the volume of cash in 2015 reached 500-700 billion rubles.

Experts note that this statistic says about the effectiveness of the measures the Central Bank and the Federal financial monitoring service in combating illegal trafficking of money. Cashing has become more risky and the prices for the services of intermediaries has increased.

The Central Bank noted the “care” of this activity in the non-banking sector, including in retail chains. “Serious trading point involved. We are aware of this,” he called Skobelkin the risk zone.

However, according to him, is the money illegally withdrawn from Russia abroad dropped three times.

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