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The head of VTSIOM said that Russians are not ready for the revolution and for the Bulk will not go

Глава ВЦИОМ считает, что россияне не готовы к революции и за Навальным не пойдут

“The reality is better than fantastic nonsense”


Despite the revenue decline, rising prices and other economic problems the citizens of Russia are not ready for revolution. Such opinion in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” stated the General Director of the Russian center of studying of public opinion Valery Fedorov.

According to him, people understand that “the revolution made starry-eyed dreamers, and its fruits are scum and crooks”. No one wants redistribution of property than usually accompanied the coup. “There is an understanding of too high prices of any revolutionary upheaval. We still somehow live, cope, and even children give birth, grow, in people we derive. Better the reality is than fantastic nonsense: a lot of promise, but that is the case, no one understands”, — said Fedorov.

The sociologist believes that there is nothing worse “than the dictatorship of public opinion”. In addition, in his opinion, “the vast majority of young people nor for any Bulk is not going to go”. This, said the head of VTSIOM, there are a number of reasons.

“After all, how many young for eSports watching. How many HLS likes. This is a massive hobby. A policy for the young generation now is a marginal activity. Our youth wants? It is enough, by the way, harmless. Wants to have fun, wants just a beautiful it to be like the iPhone, in one click. Wants to hang out, not very tense, quickly change the work <…> Yes, young people going through a clash with reality after University. Wanted mountains of gold, and get 40 thousand. But it does not lead to any revolutions,” said Fedorov.

Those who are already 45 years old, busy raising children, think about their future and support their parents, added the head of VTSIOM. “But if you are retired and your children the native does not help, and their own savings you have some or all of that was eaten up by inflation? You depend entirely on the state. That government occured — all, you’re thrown out on the street, you’ll be begging” — he explained.

While Fedorov acknowledged that Russia has a lot of problems and “changes are coming too slowly.” And citizens want economic growth, increase their own revenues. “People don’t have enough money to buy new cars and apartments. So I want change. But not overthrow the system. <…> If you conduct a survey on science: the proportion of those who favoured the revolution, is negligible. It barely exceeds 12% <…> the revolution, we the people are not ready”. — said the head of VTSIOM.

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