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The killing measure of Starobelsk: tuk strengthened protection

Убийство мера Старобельска: Туке усилили охрану

The head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Georgy tuka, after the murder of the mayor of Starobelsk Vladimir Givaga, police will provide extra security.

“In the evening received a letter from the police stating that by court order, the police must provide me with additional protection, ensuring complete safety. My resistance they are being very critical as a dilettante,” wrote Tuka on the page on Facebook.

As previously reported, the head of Starobilsk city administration, which was lying on the ground in the courtyard of the Executive Committee, unconscious, found by the watchman during the tour of the premises. It was February 22 of about 22 hours. From Vladimir Zhivago was an open fracture of the frontal bone. The guard called an ambulance. The doctors tried to save the mayor, but on the way to hospital, without regaining consciousness, he died.

Doctors determined after the autopsy that Mr Iwaga died as a result of shots to the neck and head. Doctors removed from the body two bullets caliber 9 mm.

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