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The monument to Stalin near the monument to the victims of his repression

Памятник Сталину рядом с памятником жертвам его репрессий

On it informs Agency “FlashNord”, noting that the city authorities are already addressing the question of artistic form of the monument.

The mayor Igor Gozes believes that the monument to Stalin, if it is necessary for citizens can be built. According to him, which lead journalists FlashNord to confine the bust will not be discussing the appearance of the monument will attract members of the public, artists and architects. These statements were voiced during the visit of the mayor of the Lomonosov Park in the city and a symbol of victims of political repressions – “Solovetsky stone” with bronze bas-relief and a reminder of the repressions of Stalin’s time. It was established in the early nineties on donations of Arkhangelsk dwellers. It should be noted that the General opinion of the municipality with the regional authorities about whether or not thus to honor the memory of Generalissimo, no.

The head of region Igor Orlov has stated before that he considers sufficient, and so an existing in Solvychegodsk, this is more than five hundred kilometers from the regional center, the Museum of political exiles. In this town the chief had spent several years in exile. Among the residents of Arkhangelsk have both supporters and opponents of the installation. Latest collect of signatures against the construction of a new facility. They resemble that of the Solovetsky camp in the Arkhangelsk region, the famous ELEPHANT, during the Stalin years according to conservative estimates claimed the lives of more than ten thousand people.

Previously with ideas of installation of monuments to Joseph Stalin were Communists in Smolensk, Saransk, Penza and Orel. In Karelia the head of the region Alexander Kudelainen in General, even supported this idea, however, proposing to submit it to public hearings.

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