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The new race is terrible zverolov Total War: Warhammer

Новая раса ужасных зверолюдов в Total War: Warhammer“Call zverolov” will be the first major downloadable addition for the strategy of Total War: Warhammer.

No sooner had the users pour a gallon of blood a beautiful landscape, Total War: Warhammer in the framework of which appeared June 30, DLC Blood for the Blood God, as SEGA is preparing to release the next addition, which will result in the game not less bloodthirsty characters.

According to a new cinematic trailer, a new race that is destined to appear in the computer strategy game from Creative Assembly, will become Beastmen (Beastmen).

A three-minute clip makes clear that a herd of horned monsters from the forest going for a hunt. And hunt it would be on the hated humans.

Release Total War: Warhammer — Call of the Beastmen scheduled for 28 July this year. While gameplay DLC the developers intend to demonstrate on July 19.

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