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The Project “Yandex.Market” became a subsidiary of the company “Yandex”

Russian Internet company “Yandex” reported on a small scale, but, nevertheless, a very important restructuring: now popular on the territory of Russia the service “Yandex.Market” is not just a web project, which heard all Russians. Now it is a subsidiary of Yandex, and control it will be Pavel Alyoshin, was appointed its leader.

“Yandex.Market”, if someone does not know, is the most convenient service for searching information about any product and shop, where you can buy it. In essence, it is the aggregator of this kind of information for many years of its existence has accumulated probably hundreds of thousands of their own extensive catalogue, where there is everything from some trinkets for the home to multi-million dollar foreign cars. The service provides a number of opportunities for each visitor, and the most popular of these is the ability to compare two products of the same category, including their prices at different stores to make to determine the correct model and buy it.

“Yandex.Market” is the largest service of its kind on the territory of our country with a monthly audience of over 20 million people, but he was not privileged to be the first of many services allocated from “Yandex” in subsidiaries. One only 2015 the same thing happened with the service “Yandex.Taxi” and the company “Yandex.Vertical”, the latter organization included the projects “Yandex.Auto, Yandex.Real estate” and several others.

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