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The rating of Obama broke the three-year record

Рейтинг Обамы побил трехлетний рекорд

The rating of U.S. President Barack Obama reached its highest level since may 2013. Politico writes about this with reference on the last weekly Gallup poll.

In total, half of Americans polled said they approve of Obama’s activities in his last year in power.

Meanwhile, his activities in the last year has approved only 46 percent of respondents. Current Obama’s rating is also higher than the average rating since 2009, amounting to 47 per cent.

The President of the United States supports 87 percent of Democrats, which is six percentage points more than in the beginning of 2016.

Among Republicans praised Obama only about 11 percent, slightly less than the average for the Republicans for all time.

Although Obama more popular than George W. Bush at the same time, the rating of his last predecessor, the Democrat was higher.

In March 2000 the activities of bill Clinton approved 63 percent of respondents to Gallup Americans. In turn, the rating of Bush in March 2008 was 32 percent.

Your survey sociological service conducted in the form of a telephone interview from 29 February to 6 March. Respondents were 3563

adult respondents across the country. The overall margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points.

Earlier the US Congress have called Obama to combat “Islamic state” is not serious.

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