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The sensation of the show “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov ready to go to Eurovision

The appearance on the show “the Voice” of the party “people’s artist” Alexander Panayotov was a big surprise for the mentors of the project, and for the audience. Powerful speech by Alexander, who performed the song All By Myself, did not leave indifferent any of the mentors — everyone wanted him in their team. Polina Gagarina and Grigory Leps nearly had an argument, persuading Panayotov to make a choice in their favor. The artist still prefer Gregory.


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After the triumph at the blind audition fans are predicting Alexandra victory in the show, many would also like to Panayotov represented our country at competition “Eurovision” which this year will be held in Ukraine.

It turned out that the singer himself would like to defend the honor of Russia at musical competition. Alexander noted that he hails from Zaporozhye to Eurovision would go in order to reconcile Russia and Ukraine.

“When the Eurovision was created in the 50s, as far as I know, this was an event designed not only to entertain but to connect, to unite people after the Second world war. I think now that the main mission of “Eurovision”. There is a complicated situation between the two countries brotherly countries. I, as a Ukrainian, I can say that, if you go with a mission of unification, of reconciliation, with a song that would melt all hearts — at least for those three measly minutes on stage! — it would be magical,” said Panayotov in an interview

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