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The student used the flamethrower to attract the attention of neighbors in the hostel

Студентка использовала огнемет для привлечения внимания соседей по общежитию

British crown court Southampton sentenced a student, zapugivaniya neighbors in the Dorm with a flamethrower, to four months imprisonment. The sentence provides for a two-year suspended sentence. A young woman applied improvised weapon to draw attention to themselves, writes The Daily Mail.

As it turned out during the trial, 22-year-old Sabrina Winfield began behaving erratically almost immediately after moving into a student residence. After having made several unsuccessful attempts to join the already established team of residents, a student decided to draw the attention of neighbors using personally assembled the flamethrower. About 05.30 a.m. on 15 October 2015, she began to walk with arms by the General corridor of the house. Prior to that, she was awake and turned on at full volume to music in his room. Seeing orange flashes, in the corridor there were two neighbors, Winfield and asked what she was doing. In response, the student stated that he tried thus to draw attention to themselves.

The place was called the police, who immediately arrested the woman for causing damage to property, using fire as the flamethrower shots of damaged interior walls.

Two weeks before the incident Sabrina Winfield threatened to burn the house down completely, The Daily Mail reports.

The student pleaded guilty to arson. The court sentenced her to four months imprisonment with suspension of sentence for two years. In addition, the woman will have to spend 100 hours in community service and to undergo a 20-day course of psychological rehabilitation.

In the summer of 2015 the American company Ion Productions Throwflame and started online sale of flamethrowers. Their products, shooting at 15 meters Throwflame offers for 1.6 thousand dollars. Models of Ion Productions, throws the flame at 7.5 meters, can be purchased for $ 900. At the Federal level the prohibition against the purchase or use of these devices in the USA no.

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