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These habits can lead to the appearance of wrinkles

Эти привычки могут привести к появлению морщинIt must wait for each girl.

Each of us is thinking about how to keep their skin young and supple as long as possible. We spend a lot of money on expensive skincare and miracle creams, but reduce all efforts to nothing of your bad habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.

Ignore creams with SPF protection

This problem is relevant especially in the summer: Yes, we know you love the sun, but your skin — no. That the strong the sun’s rays cause premature aging, we are told, think of each iron, but for some reason we continue to ignore the use of a cream with SPF protection. You need it not only in beach holidays,but every day, even when you’re just going to work. Change your habit to enjoy all year round the same favorite cream in the summer, your skin always need SPF.

I love gum

Fresh breath, as we remember from an advertising slogan, makes it easier to understand — and it’s great. But if you have a habit of constantly chewing gum, you are at risk. The endless motion of the jaw over time can cause the early appearance of nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth. It’s simple: if you often it take to crease his forehead, the wrinkles, if you constantly chew something, the skin in the mouth is also stretched. Therefore it is better to replace the gum in peppermint lozenges or candies.

Excessive love cleanse

Of course, there is nothing wrong to monitor the cleanliness of your skin, especially if it is prone to fat and acne. But fans of the purification, all kinds of scrubs,peels and brushes for washing often pass the line. If you use a scrub more than 2 times a week and always wipe the face tonic or lotion, it’s time to stop doing it. Cosmetics you disrupt the natural environment and the pH of your skin. In the end, reduced immunity and resistance. Moreover, you don’t notice how dry up a person — and this is the number one reason when it comes to the appearance of wrinkles.

Morning wash with the cleanser

This is a continuation of the previous paragraph. Yes, at night it is perfectly fine to wash with cleanser and wipe face with a micellar water, but why are you doing this after sleep? When, I’m sorry, did you “dirty”? In the morning, simply rinse face with plain water at room temperature and use cosmetic ice. And that’s all!

Too rarely change the pillowcase

There’s nothing criminal in to change the bed linen once a week, but your pillowcase can be a source of danger — it accumulates the most bacteria, and it’s not so bad. Hairspray, any other styling product — it goes straight to the pillow during sleep, and hence it turns out on your face. And chemical elements that affect the skin and cause aging. Get a useful habit to change your pillow case every 2-3 days.

You don’t get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can cause weight problems, which you don’t even know. And one of them is premature aging. The fact is that when you lack sleep,the body simply does not have time to recover — this includes skin cells. If you want to look stunning after 50 years, forget about the midnight vigil — night beauty must sleep!

You sleep in the wrong position

One more reason of premature aging associated with sleep — wrong posture. Many of us love to sleep on my stomach, pressing his cheek into the pillow (and in the morning then be fine traces of pillow cases). Now imagine — for a few hours interferes with the normal circulation, and the skin is “stavlennia” state. I think the wrinkles will not appear? To minimize the risks, teach yourself to sleep on your side or on the back — useful not only for the skin and cardiovascular system.

Squeezing pimples

At least once it happened with each of us, despite the fact that the mother in childhood was strictly forbidden to do so. And the problem is not only that you risk infection, but that during the extrusion of squeeze and you’ll traumatise the skin. Then this place can remain a scar or even a small wrinkle. It is necessary to you?

Don’t use a humidifier

If your house is too hot and dry, the skin definitely will respond to it. A humidifier is a really important device that you should purchase,and not to forget to turn it on (this also happens, we know).

You smoke

Here, you probably don’t need to explain? Smoking and the desire to prolong youthfulness is incompatible. By the way, your pack it is also written.

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