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This vegetable will help to get rid of wrinkles

Этот овощ поможет избавиться от морщинThe doctors said that is useful is contained in carrots.

It is known that only in the XIV century, when they were grown the most well-known to us today a kind of carrot with elastic root and sweet flavor, carrots are then firmly and permanently into our menu.

Useful carrot is cheap and widely available vegetable intense yellow-orange color.

Often we meet her in a variety of dishes or as a component of the juice. Today man knows more than 60 varieties of edible carrots, of which the most popular are the Atlanta, Baltex and Amsterdame. It is also found wild carrots are white or yellow.

Carrots contains vitamins a, C, E, H and K, B vitamins and PP. Enough of it and mineral components such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and cobalt

In addition, it contains folic acid, malic acid, Inositol and pectin. Due to the high fiber content, carrots help regulate the digestive tract, prevents constipation and excessive fermentation in the gut. It helps to remove the body of metabolic waste.

Carrot has a very positive effect on our skin — smooths wrinkles and gives the skin a more intense color is due to this property it is especially recommended to use it in the summer when we tan. Another benefit of carrots and it’s all perfectly well – is its positive impact on our vision thanks to the contained beta-carotene. Besides beta-carotene has other useful properties. It helps protect against microorganisms, it has antioxidant action, and increases endurance.

You should pay attention to the presence in carrots of Inositol. This substance is a major component of lecithin, and acts as lipotropic (the so-called substance that prevents the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the liver). If the liver becomes overloaded with fat and cholesterol, it violated a number of its functions affecting the entire body. It is also assumed that a lack of Inositol in the body can be a cause of infertility in men.

Carrots are best eaten raw. Then it will be the most valuable, although raw carrots are not so easily digested. Cooked carrots is much more easily digestible, so it can even small children. However, heat treatment leads to the fact that valuable root loses some of its beneficial properties.

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