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TV shows: TV show, renewed for new seasons, TV-movie, “Legion”, a new project, Reese Witherspoon and other news

Traditionally, every Sunday we introduce the readers with the latest news from the world of television and soap operas. Today in our digest were: new Director of “Black mirror” TV spot superhero series the Legion, the extension of the TV series “the Walking dead”, “American horror story” and “Young Dad” in the new season and the upcoming television series about the first lady of the United States from Reese Witherspoon.

TV shows: TV show, renewed for new seasons, TV-movie, “Legion”, a new project, Reese Witherspoon and other news

The SERIES, RENEWED FOR a NEW Sazonnikova week brought encouraging news for fans of the TV series “American horror story” and “the Walking dead”: they are extended for the new season. Currently every Thursday on TV channel FX are new episodes of the sixth season of “Roanoke”, and it seems to be the most controversial season of the popular TV show. However, the anthology was officially renewed – at least in 2017, viewers will have another opportunity to see the frightening story unfolding on the screen, with the participation of Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily RAB and other permanent members of the cast of “History.”

“American horror story”. Season 3. Elsa Mars sings Gods and Monsters
The seventh season of “the Walking dead” is about to appear on the screens, but we already know that we can expect the eighth. The continuation of the story was logical enough, given the fact that it is removed on motives of comics, and the creators some time ago declared that “are ready to work on the show forever.” Everything else, critics point out that the TV show goes the way of self-improvement, becoming better with each season, and in the next few hours of waiting fans seems the most popular series in the history of the series: last season ended with the death of one of the main characters, and only from the first series of the seventh season it becomes clear who suffer this dismal fate.

Teaser of the new season of “the Walking dead” in format 360°

Also on the second season was renewed the series “Young Dad”, directed by Paolo Sorrentino with Jude law in the title role. It is noteworthy that the first series was released only on October 21, but the producers, apparently, were impressed by the public reaction and interest in the controversial project.

The teaser of the series “Young dad”
JODIE FOSTER will BECOME the NEW DIRECTOR of “BLACK MIRROR”Actress jodie foster will become a Director of one of the new series “Black mirror”. Shooting the fourth season will start this year (the third season came out on Netflix October 21), but the release date is not yet known; as in previous seasons, the episodes are not related to each other neither plots nor characters. For foster this is not the first experience in directing: so, she filmed several episodes for the TV series “Orange is the new black” and “house of cards”, and this year on the big screens released feature film made by her “Financial monster”.

“Black mirror”. Ficaretta about heroin Bryce Dallas Howard in English language
The CREATORS of the MOST INSANE SUPERHERO SERIES INTRODUCED a NEW TV Rolemodel of the most anticipated series of this season, “Legion”, will be released in early 2017. It tells the story of a powerful mutant (Legion – that’s his name) at a time when he was still David Heller and thought this was the gift of the manifestation of schizophrenia. The guy is the son of Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the “X-Men” and the school for gifted adolescents, however, the attention of the audience and critics for the series attracts is not the comic-the first principle. Writer and Director of the movie was appointed Noah Hawley (“Fargo”, “Bones”), and the main role is played by Dan Stevens, who along with Emma Watson played in a game remake of disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

“Legion”. TV-movie in English
The TEAM of DIRECTORS-WOMEN’s RUNS SERIES ABOUT the FIRST LADY Sachinkonye Pacific Standard, owned by actress Reese Witherspoon, in conjunction with the Studio Anonymous Content working telecomitalia bestseller Kate Andersen Brower First Women: The Grace & Power Of America’s Modern First Ladies (“the First lady: Grace and power of the modern first lady of America”). The producers of the series are will Witherspoon and actress Robin Wright, who also plans to shoot a pilot episode as a Director. The book, released in April of this year, tells about the life of wives of presidents of the United States, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.

Cover of the bestseller “First lady: Grace and power of the modern first ladies of America”

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