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Ways of dealing with facial wrinkles

Способы борьбы с мимическими морщинамиEvery woman dreams to stay young as possible.

In the fight against wrinkles successfully used folk remedies, and modern cosmetology.

Causes of wrinkles and what are they?

Wrinkles are usually classified according to the causes and depth. Distinguish 3 main groups, depending on etiology:
Dynamic (expression) wrinkles;Static (aging) wrinkles;
Dynamic wrinkles (which are called mimic), appear on the face due to the active contraction of facial muscles. The facial expressions of the person is very active because of the anatomical and physiological characteristics of facial muscles. Their muscle fibers are attached to the skin, because the muscle contraction, the skin moves behind them.

Every person has its own unique facial expressions, someone who likes to frown, and someone to lift one eyebrow. It is in these areas of high facial load already 20 years appear the first wrinkles, which lead to the panic of young girls. As a rule, the appearance of dynamic wrinkles starts from his forehead, then suffer the outer corners of the eyes, to 30 years are beginning to have folds on the eyelids and wrinkles around the mouth.

On the one hand creates all the diversity of emotional manifestations of a person, and on the other contributes to the appearance of folds in the skin with age. And if a man outwardly, they give some wisdom, women they are absolutely not to face.
Static wrinkles are also called gravity or age. They begin to appear after age 40 regardless of facial loads. The main reason for their emergence is age-related changes of the skin (aging).

In the skin slows down blood circulation, reduced synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid content, which leads to reduced firmness and elasticity. Skin becomes loose and sagging, soft tissues of the face SAG and fall down (ptosis). These changes may appear in young women, especially under the negative influence of such factors:
an unbalanced diet;genetic predisposition;dehydrated skin;Smoking and alcohol abuse;continuous exposure to the sun;improper care of skin.

How to slow the appearance of facial wrinkles?

There are many cosmetic products and beauty techniques that help slow down the appearance of the first mimic wrinkles.
To change facial habits
If you asked a question about how to remove facial wrinkles, then your actions must first be aimed at the prevention of further formation of such wrinkles. Of course, to stop smiling or frowning unrealistic, because most of these reactions occur spontaneously.
But some habits, for example, the habit to wrinkle the forehead, contributing to the formation of the horizontal folds, you can easily get rid of. Poor vision is corrected using glasses or contact lenses — so you can eliminate the habit of squint and wrinkles around the eyes.

Skin care with makeup

Modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of products that includes masks and creams from the wrinkles. The composition of these funds varied, but you must remember to select the makeup you need only considering the skin type and age, individual tolerance.
Hydration of the skin. The main reason for the tendency of the skin to the formation of wrinkles is dehydration. As a rule, in cosmetics as a moisturizing component use hyaluronic acid, ceramides, hydrolysed elastin and collagen, algae extracts, aloe and other plants, unsaturated fatty acids, different essential oils. When you choose skin care cosmetics be sure to study its composition.
Stimulation of epidermis regeneration. With age, the skin cells occurs more slowly. To encourage the skin to rejuvenate, you need to exert some effort. For this purpose, various cosmetic peels (domestic and professional). Distinguish between mechanical and chemical exfoliation (superficial, middle or deep). Also significant could be achieved using the services of hardware cosmetology. It is especially important to monitor areas began to appear wrinkles.

Protection of the skin. A required component of the care of the skin is the use of cosmetics with elements of protection against ultraviolet radiation, to protect the face and need from wind and cold.

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