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What a mess with food?

Что за беспредел с продуктами питания?

I was here recently for the first time visited the shop, something tasty I wanted.

I bought so of cheese (450 R/kg) nectar “My family” (65 rubles), dumplings for 300 rubles 800 grams (not going to write here brands, local manufacturer), sausages 150 rubles for 400 grams and whatnot and was in shock.

Let’s consider each.

  • The nectar of My family. It’s just some water for 65 rubles. I think the packaging costs more than what it poured. Just a few months ago, took was completely different.
  • Cheese. I have not seen a normal cheese. And, it is not cheese. You probably know that cheese is almost there.
  • Dumpling 800 grams for 300 rubles — terrifying. I can’t even imagine what they can add to they were no. Dough — save on aizah, meat doubt at all that it was in them. As the sly learned to fake meat, I don’t even know how. More on that later.

    But the trick is that the bag of tortillas was this: on top of the dumplings were decent, and at the bottom added is not clear what. Whether old, whether that.

  • Ah, Yes. Bought another substrate of meat. Made patties, so do not understand ANYTHING. What I ate, did not eat. Although a normal stuffing, but I think the meat was not.

    And twist myself… too lazy, I almost don’t eat meat. Really learned how to fake beef? So not to distinguish direct!

  • Sausage 150 rubles for 400 grams — a feeling that chew PVC wire, not otherwise. Also it is not clear that they there added.


You still remember:

  • Cakes, cookies — I honestly can’t even find cookies normal. All solid soda and palm oil.
  • Ice cream has long lost the taste.
  • Any products — I remember a few years ago, quietly bought any cakes and fried them. Now it is impossible.
  • Some strangeness with the tomatoes. I bought 2 tomatoes, quite expensive (it was in the fridge in the store). Have osmotra them from all sides…. Came home 2 hours they have me in the corridor were in the package. Decided to eat, and the sides, where they lay they already rotted.
  • C bread do not understand. Previously, he was quiet for a few days currently lying in the bread bin. Now mold in a few days, if the kitchen is warm.
  • And what’s with the flour? In the feed flour with some strange flavor.

And Yes! The taste of some meats has become. I used at least chicken to eat, but now almost all chicken terribly itchy due to a huge amount of antibiotics.

But what is most interesting, I remember the chicken legs from the US, such a huge — like, too pumped up, but nothing itched from them, although all my life with allergies.

Anyway, I’ve noticed over the last couple of years a strong deterioration in the quality of food. We do not have a Taste of the Veals and other stores in which products of different quality.

When I lived in Moscow and was short of money, you only went to the store. Really good products.

Difficult time is, the manufacturer need only money and he was quite as “scores”.

What is most interesting is the people that buy… Really has grown up the generation that forgot how to smell like cheese, sausage, what should be the meat?

Teenagers do all sorts of copuple buys…

Okay. Well I’m eating enough 🙂

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