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What we don’t love America

За что мы так не любим Америку

Seven years ago I was at the youth festival in Barcelona. In the great hall, which hosted delegates registration, we met with the children who came from one of the republics of the CIS. Chatted, as usual, about everything and nothing, and at one point the conversation turned to America. Only hearing this word, one of the participants in a loud, almost recitative pioneer said: “America sucks!!!”.

And solemnity of the words was much more than any other emotion. It seemed that in the environment where you came from participant, America was fashionable not to like. And she simply followed the fashion. It’s nothing personal.

Then several years passed. And to love America somehow became quite impossible. Wrong. Queer. Of course, the reason this country has given plenty of… So what? You’d think we are somehow better.

America scolds the whole world, but really wants to live in it. (MTS)Russia before the whole world was afraid, but now despises. America seeks to bend the world for themselves. In Russia live according to the principle of the spiders in the Bank and feed on each other. The scary Americans are proud of their country. And we… what are we?

Our source of income – trumpet. Our brains went abroad. Hiding our money in offshore accounts. Our officials are the richest people in the world. The word “nanotechnology” refers to the culture of fighting forest fires. And even course Russian spies to the us to 2.5:1.

The only pride that remains timeless is St. George ribbon on the antennas of cars in the spring. And then there was some wag, who tied it on the logo of Mercedes, photographed and wrote on the picture: “so who won?”. Then won – we. And now?

We cannot acknowledge himself a loser in what happened after. And therefore the Germans prefer not to travel to Turkey for may holidays. And therefore we desperately need someone to love. Someone external. For Example, America. Although most of the charges in the direction of not survive even the first, superficial criticism. Take for example a few:

First, though, Americans are friendly and sociable, it’s just a mask. Actually they don’t have any work to you.
Yeah. As if we ourselves care about someone. The deep warmth of the Russian people, who for a bottle of vodka solves serious psychological problems is a myth, invented by those who’ve never dealt with serious psychological problems. Because to solve them is truly only those who have studied this for ten years. And Americans, by the way, go. But we don’t.

But the average American can, smiling and saying a few common phrases, great to keep random passer-by (passers-by so once was I). And we can’t do that. We have not accepted.

Secondly, the Americans think only of money.
That is a question, who thinks about money more. American school teacher with an average salary of $ 4000 a month or a school teacher in the same Moscow, with the average monthly salary of slightly more than 400 dollars? Fellow of the American Corporation, living in the house (with lawn) to a loan at 4-6% per annum – or our office plankton, for the same money bought dvushku in Biryulyovo under 14-17%? And, in the end, American traffic COP – out or the traffic police?

Well, and thirdly, the Americans are stupid.
Of course! Because only really dumb people are able to create all sorts of nano-technology, silicon valley and other MBA. Would be smart – sawed the budget and soared.

We are ashamed. We are terribly ashamed to realize our own helplessness and the hopelessness of his homeland, where the us really cares where most of the life you have to think only about money, and where the efforts of education officials, the country rolls inexorably into the quagmire of General ignorance.

Therefore, we prefer not to accept and not accept. And reset the accumulated voltage on the name-calling of America. Well, as usual, to themselves and their country.

Even though we did not bring neither one nor the other. Because only soberly (not in anger, no offense, not criticizing or blaming anyone) admitting its defeat, you can really start to do something. And to give ourselves the chance to win one. Only accepting your flaws, we can because they see the advantages. Americans and other expats, by the way, you can see them much better.

I once interviewed a Western Manager, who led a new hotel where the network-tone is the immense space. Finding in me an interested listener, he spoke what difficulties he had heroically overcome in trying to build the case as required by the franchise. How hard it was to implement the quality standards, what kind of resistance faced when trying to introduce some basic procedures, etc., etc.

Seizing the moment, I asked him to give his description of what we, the Russian people, must first learn to work more efficiently. And of course, received detailed, correct and carefully reasoned list. Then I gently asked, and was not such that he and his colleagues learn the local Russians. And he smiles. Well, of course! So much…

First, the ability to make decisions and deistvovat situation of higher uncertainty. You are confusing the rules of the game, they are constantly changing, but you manage to do business in this situation – and to successfully… sometimes it seems incredible.

Secondly, the ingenuity. You can find unexpectedly simple solution, using the minimum of resources, tools, to repair something literally on the knee,you do a lot of craftsmen…

Thirdly, fourthly… exacto he was talking, but I already do not remember.I was struck by two things. The interest and respect with which all this was said. And priznanica their weaknesses without much shame or bravado. Yes, here in this, this and atopsy stronger,and we have much to learn from you, was talking the usual foreign Manager. And I was trying to recall when I heard something like we talked about. Alas.

Maybe here and buried the dog? Recognizing the dignity of others (organizations, States, economies, religions, etc), noting the points where they are clearly stronger than us, we begin to look at yourself. And seek to combine their own advantages, strengths, resources and hidden potential? No longer just copy the leader, knowing that still it will not catch up – and instead start looking for what more we?

In memory immediately comes the domestic of Microbiology and genetics at the beginning of the nineties of the last century. From equipment – Yes old microscopes Petri dishes. About funding, we generally are not talking. But even in these conditions, our scientists found a way to enter the world stage. They could not compete with the West on the depth, extent and accuracy of research. So they just chose a few topics for which no one was taken, put them available in their experiments, and if the theme was perspective – to publish their works in international journals. Then in the open so the theme was crammed with Western universities with their laboratories, and our, shaking the laurels of the pioneers, engaged in the search for the next… And it survived.

Yes and we all survived. Fledged, learned how to make and drink coffee for five bucks and don’t consider it expensive. Well, think of lost. But now we know that can survive in complete destruction of the entire economy. The period that we are now also natural, and it should just stay. Live.

Maybe it’s time to stop insulting the victorious enemy, and look to him? To understand that they have things we should learn. And then look at myself and see that same unique? You see, that’s what we’ll find, finally, the very national idea, which we still can not come up with the government. What the us government? They have learned to put out fires – will find a national idea.

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