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Who accuses Russia of bombing Syrian hospital?

Кто обвиняет Россию в бомбежке сирийского госпиталя?

Channel “Euronews” in their propaganda does not shun direct forgeries. Here’s their release on 15 February.

However, on the official website of “Doctors without borders” accusations against Russia.

Not heard these accusations in an interview with the President of the organization “Doctors without borders” Mego Terzyan.

However, they heard from so-called “Syrian monitoring centre for human rights”. However, about this center, consisting of one person sitting in England, we have been told.

From England, of course, more visible. Here’s a “Cunning Plan “Euronews””. To interview the President of “Doctors without borders” and to ascribe to him the words of the blogger from England who accuses Russia.

By the way, in that time the Turks began shelling Syrian territory. So it would be nice to channel “Euronews” their “pomonitorit”.

Thanks to their attentive audience for the material. We remind you that our address antifake@politrussia.com.

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