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Why are Americans so stupid?

Почему американцы такие тупые?

Many years ago I first saw on the screen of some ancient TV speech of Mikhail Zadornov, which is very often mentioned, that Russians are the smartest nation in the world, and Americans on the contrary, “nuuuu cuuuteeeee”. Little did I know, how Zadornov was wrong. He ridiculed some domestics at a time when the Americans built the largest and most effective Scam in the history of mankind. How can you call stupid a nation could gather the most perfect mechanism for fooling the world? Think about it.

Dollar. The coolest brand in the history of mankind. Imagine that you took the paper, called her money, and convinced the whole world that this money needs to store its state! Do you have a cow? Sell the US, and their green pieces of paper, keep in a large underground vault! Do you have metal or, even better, the precious metal? Trade him the green pieces of paper! Just think, the power of the dollar and how many people in the world actually believe the bucks.

Faith in the stability of the dollar is the strongest world religion. So strong that even developed countries of the world prefer to keep their money not in the national currency and in US dollars. Why the ruble can fall and no one will ever remember, and a buck – hardly? The thing is that in the world there are many people, companies and countries that really keep their savings in dollar! And when they ask: “Can we please change the billing currency to the ruble?”, with high probability the author of this question will be sent to hell.

Cost of printing of $ 100 bills about 10 cents (now, may 13-15, due to inflation). Conventionally, USA need to sell goods for 1 000 $ to print $ 1 000 000. Imagine the profitability of such publishing business?) What Google or Apple generates more? How can the States be called stupid for such a fine and valid scheme for decades?

External debt. Another mega-myth, which justify their failures, almost all who are envious of the States. The typical loser mumbles something like, “do you know how many States has everyone in the world?! It is the largest debtor on the planet!”. And really, it is. States have more than others! But there is a big “BUT”. First, by printing their bucks they quietly give % on its debt and even take new debts, selling on the international market receipts of his Treasury! Isn’t this brilliant?) Even the Russian government. U.S. Treasury bonds! Second, as States have accumulated such debts? They borrowed money or received goods, services, technology, and took out loans for their purchase? That is, printing in full dollars, the US bought the world market of all the best that exists on this planet.

Of course, there are still some goods or services to which the States could not reach, but globally the United States today is the power number 1 in the world in practically all indicators. Of course, conceding superiority of Russia on territory size (skip, except us, Canada with China).

Most importantly, the Americans don’t care about their external debt. No one is going to give! Not anytime soon for sure. Do you see how crazy the world every time Obama thinks, to declare the USA bankrupt or not? The world is begging Obama not to do it! Not depreciated dollars lying in the vaults around the world. And while those dollars will be there to lie, the US bankruptcy will not even formally, let alone “effectively”.

Army. That’s the main reason why the USA will become bankrupt. Who can take USA off your debts, even with interest? Some Honduras? Or even Germany with France? Can who today, not in words but in deeds, to come to the U.S. to tell Obama and Congress to take her? Maybe Russia? No. Imagine that even all-powerful Putin can do that! Because Putin, unlike the Russians, too, keeps their savings in dollars. And he is also the bankruptcy of the United States is not profitable.

“Publishing business” is booming! On paper continue to change the metal, the energy, buying the best scientists in the world. Leaving the opportunity for any clown in any province to make a joke about how, really, stupid Americans!)) What else is there? Not to fall in depression and die of envy?

How much would I have called liberasticheskie scum, you need to be realistic. It is only in the real, not imagined world, you can do the real thing. After all, what good from what I will present some redneck intellectuals? It was to become intellectuals or continue to shit myself at his feet and thump on the yards? Hardly the first.

Believe that Russian society will abandon the “global” dollar in my life, and now I have to state that Americans are the most powerful nation in the world. And supports the whole planet, including the Russians, keeping their savings in dollars. Personally I support the ruble). Actually almost all of my savings, not counting any living expenses for travel, keep in rubles. Rubles in Russian banks. And believe me, it is much more honest than to tell about the great Patriotic feelings, but to sail through life exclusively in the dollar, as does darkness timisha patriots of Russia.

You still think Americans are stupid?) What are the savings store?

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