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Winter bait

All fishermen noted that the action of the bait is most noticeable in the summer when the water is warm and fish is active and eats a lot. In the icy water any fish vulnerable to any flaws in the complementary feeding and responsive to this complete lack of bite, even the little things. Winter is a very important character of food and the accompanying attracting components, and often simply media this feed.

The particular importance of the composition of winter feed is based on the fact that the degree of digestion by the body, a cold-blooded fish depends on the temperature of the environment. In these conditions, the greatest energy effect per unit mass of food consumed from fish is obtained from natural animal feed, and the smallest, in order not to spend extra effort on it crushing. These food are usually tiny crustaceans and various larvae.

In order to have a positive impact on the number of fish under the hole and its activity, fishers, winter is the most accessible of the usual so-called forage fish are small, or “feed” the fire. However, taking the bloodworms in stores everywhere. And in that lies a considerable danger not only for the upcoming fishing but by the water, is extracted as bloodworm or in a very dirty ponds, or in brackish estuaries of the South, and with it in others water can be transported and introduced pathogens of various diseases. Therefore, quite justified in most foreign countries a complete ban on the use of small bloodworms as bait. But we do not have, and have what is called, complete chaos in the production and movement not check the biological product and the application of it by the fishermen.

And how many anglers are using bloodworms feed — the skillful approach is very effective bait seems to be happening all above the mayhem. And all because in recent years people have somehow become more free time. This has led to a sharp increase in the number of anglers on the ice of water bodies, especially near the cities, and fishermen are not poor, the wealthy, do not want means fishing that is surrounded by competitors “snatch” for himself the largest possible share in the form of the catch when the fish are in the store already it turns out much cheaper.

But now in the society is thriving psychology “hapka”, which was introduced in our favorite hobby and aggressively promoted a large number of paid and shameless ahead. This psychology encourages some to buy one fishing bloodworms pounds and submerge it to the bottom almost by the bucket feeders — supposedly the amount of bait is definitely the key to meaningful success. Poor thinking, low culture and lack of understanding, ignorance of the basic fundamentals of biology…

And when the moth is beginning to combine with all sorts of store-bought mixes, which bears the marking “winter bait”, in the truest sense often get the “kill” effect by rapid expulsion of all living from fishing. The fact is that the vast majority of cases these compounds in a beautiful package — an outright Scam, and expensive for the consumer product is generated by the imagination of the people who have no experience winter fishing, but “proven” effects of their craft paid in fish cages, where the little fish are just very hungry, and she had nowhere to run.

Skilled, experienced anglers know that the main thing in feeding, especially in winter, it’s not “stun” the fish amount of feed and only Wake her in the icy water inhibited the reaction to the fish that feed more actively seek and often find him on the hook, but don’t find it immediately and a lot. It is therefore important to optimize the amount of bait, in keeping with the density and species of fish, the phase of the current season, duration, fishing depth and the presence or absence of flow. It’s only safer to adhere to the principle: better fish to underfeeding than overfeeding.

Most often, success leads utmost simplicity and naturalness of the winter bait: bloodworms desirable purchase pre-rinse with water from the pond or a long time in her to withstand, so as to remove odors. This process very well help the breadcrumbs without any flavors: slightly moist, they are mixed with bloodworms in a certain proportion, as where else would “pick up” moisture from the larvae, but not “suck” at all. The crank, lowered the feeder in a mixture of breadcrumbs, already “drink” water from the reservoir, that is, will not “radiate” a foreign smell, and will attract fish from afar and feel natural perturbation.

The breadcrumbs for the fish are usually neutral, since she almost never eats, and crackers continue to swell in water and does not “give” absorbed the attractive smell. In this regard, sometimes works well for bait, which has no edible components, the so — called “dummy”, when the fish attracts only heard it drop something on the bottom.

However, we must understand that with “proper” winter groundbait or can even be left without a catch, or resign ourselves to catching the little things, if it is wrong to build tactics as the fishing, at which complementary feeding is just one of the important techniques of success. Here a considerable role is played by negative psychological follow some exhaust, standard schemes.

For example, many anglers, arriving on the ice, strive to find and occupy seats already “familiar” to them, where there are many old holes with traces of feeding. More correct would be common distrust of such zones, because it is unknown who and with what experiences were caught there and what and in what quantity he fed the fish — why take on someone else’s flaws, perhaps, still lying on the bottom and overclock away all life.

Better knowing the reservoir, open “clean” space, then where to fish, relying on my own experience — at least then it will be possible objectively to identify errors and find ways to overcome them. On the other hand, anglers sometimes become hostages of their own previous success at any place, continuing it over and over again to sit and all the time to lure profusely, unable to overcome the magic of “also” biting, although it no longer repeats.

The conclusion is simple: given the constantly changing conditions in the winter the pond fish should actively seek, and most of all luck is to wait at a considerable distance from the dense crowds of “supporters”. If you are not “spotted” by other fishermen, and the place was a fish “trail”, we try not to “light” and not be spoiled by bad or overly abundant bait, and it will bring a significant catch.

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