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Yarosh confirmed the presence of weapons on the Maidan

Ярош подтвердил наличие оружия на Майдане

Ex-leader of the Right sector told who brought the weapon to the barricades.

Among the participants of the Maidan in Kiev in the winter of 2014 there were people with firearms, but the information on the use of weapons against security forces were reported.

About it on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Yarosh.

“I know nothing about the information that our opened fire, although, of course, weapons and legally registered weapons on the Maidan was, including,” – said Yarosh.

He noted that the movement of the Right sector then even appealed to the owners of legal weapons with a call to come to defend Maidan in case of sweep by security forces.

“The weapons were there, but the information some of the shooting was not”, – said Yarosh.

The MP also said that the weapons were taken by members of the Right sector from the hotel Dnepr in Kiev city centre, was subsequently used in the ATO in Donbas.

As reported Корреспондент.net, 11 November Yarosh removed from itself powers of the head of the Right sector, refused to be “the wedding General”.

On December 28, Yarosh announced the exit of his team from the Right sector and the intention to create a new socio-political movement.

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